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There’s something magical about hearing an inspirational story. It transports us, inspires us and compels us to make ourselves better. I’ve always enjoyed learning about others and how they’ve become.  People are endlessly fascinating, and women in leadership positions, are even more captivating.  Now, more than ever, women need to mentor other women, lead them, inspire them, teach them how to succeed and to navigate the waters of a male biased workplace.  There are 42 million women in America’s workplace, and yet, in recent research from the Federal Reserve, “A $1 million dollar increase in firm value generates a $17,150 increase in firm specific wealth for male executives and a $1,670 increase for females.”  We need to create more and stronger mentorships with women, so that we can work together to close these gaps.

Hearing women’s stories of success—the heroine’s journey—gives us hope and the realization that we, humble as we feel, can do great things as well. We can learn from other women and should learn from them. Sharing our knowledge, experiences—failures and success can help us with our own personal mission.

Some time ago, I watched Jane Goodall speak. She is quite petite and when she walked into the room, she started screeching like a chimpanzee. It was incredible. She went on to talk about how she became the leader in her field. She was so warm and human, and even when she signed my book afterward, she looked me right in the eye and said thank you. I wanted to sit with her and ask her questions, like: Where do you find the strength to speak out? How do you take a break? What were your biggest obstacles and how did you overcome them? Who do you admire? Are you ever fearful?

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We host bi-monthly fireside chats via podcast featuring successful women leaders who share personal stories and lessons learned while traveling the path to building extraordinary lives.  Before and long after each event, we encourage meeting women and learning about their stories. Find a mentor, mentee, friend, accountability partner, and create a community of women helping women achieve, grow and do great things.

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